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Our neurosurgeons work closely with our neurologists, physiatrists and pain specialists to provide comprehensive care for patients with conditions that affect the brain, spine and peripheral nerves.

Our expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of neurosurgical diseases is available right here in the Merrimack Valley. We perform surgeries at the Lawrence General Hospital, Holy Family Hospital, Lowell General Hospital, and Lowell General – Saints Campus. We coordinate with primary care physicians and specialists such as oncologists, radiation oncologists, endocrinologists, rheumatologists and other surgeons to help patients who choose to have their neurosurgical care locally. In cases wherein local resources become inadequate, patients are referred to tertiary care centers.

We rely on the best available imaging technology such as functional MRI, tractography, spectroscopy, and PET/CT scans, to facilitate diagnosis. We use the Brainlab image-guidance system to accurately localize brain tumors. Electrophysiologic monitoring during surgery, such as SSEP, MEP, and EMG, is available to ensure the best possible surgical outcome.

We understand that the decision to undergo surgery may be difficult. We welcome patients who are seeking another opinion regarding surgical treatment. We will thoroughly review the treatment options that may be considered for each patient.

The following are some of the surgeries that we perform:
  • Biopsy of the brain, nerve, muscle or Lumbar fusion, ALIF, DLIF, TLIF, PLIF bone of the spine
  • Lumbar interspinous decompression
  • Carpal tunnel release with X-stop
  • Cervical disc arthroplasty Microdiscectomy, cervical (anterior or posterior), thoracic or lumbar
  • Cervical laminoplasty
  • Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery
  • Cervical fusion, anterior or posterior approach Minimally Invasive Sacroiliac Joint
  • Fusion
  • Cingulotomy
  • Microvascular decompression for Craniotomy for clipping of aneurysm trigeminal neuralgia
  • Craniotomy for evacuation of brain
  • Occipitocervical fusion bleed
  • Odontoid screw fixation
  • Craniotomy for resection of brain tumor Percutaneous trigeminal rhizotomy
  • Implantation of deep brain stimulator Posterior fossa decompression for Chiari malformation
  • Implantation of intrathecal pump (morphine or baclofen) Stereotactic Radiosurgery
  • Implantation of spinal cord stimulator Transsphenoidal pituitary surgery
  • Implantation of vagus nerve Ulnar nerve decompression stimulator
  • Ventriculoperitoneal shunt
  • Kyphoplasty
  • Laminectomy for stenosis or spine tumors

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