Neuro-Behavioral Medicine

The NENA Division of Neuro-Behavioral Medicine provides services designed to offer comprehensive evaluation and treatment of individuals whose behavior may be impaired by disease, injury, emotional distress, or other factors. The Division provides a collaborative model of care, offering integrated services provided by a team consisting of a psychiatrist, a rehabilitative neurologist, and a psychologist.

All phases of psychiatric or psychological treatment are available. As emotional factors can exacerbate or cause physical ailments, psychiatric or psychological services are frequently integrated with medical case management. Division physicians provide the latest in scientific understanding of depression, anxiety, psychosis, dementia, and attentional difficulties, prescribing psychopharmacologic agents when appropriate.

The collaborative model we offer is of particular benefit to patients who have suffered a head injury or stroke. These individuals often have complex, multiple medical and psychological needs. With this in mind, the Division includes a psychiatrist and a rehabilitative neurologist with extensive experience in dealing with the intersecting of medical and behavioral issues in head injury and stroke patients, as well as a psychologist able to assist individuals in stress management and coping mechanisms. Our medical psychologists use psychological testing, biofeedback, and other forms of stress management, and develop an individualized plan to assist patients in coping with stress and distress. Treatment can have a significant therapeutic effect in reducing physical and emotional symptoms.

All of the neurobehavioral specialists provide feedback to patients and families in understandable terms. Recommendations by the Neuro-Behavioral specialist may focus on possible lifestyle changes, family adaptations, medication and/or psychotherapy. Routine consultation and collaboration among the Division staff maximize the potential for patient improvement.

Our Specialists

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